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Weather Monitoring Station


An automated Weather Station (EE-WMS) is built at the component level to provide an organization with the
instruments it needs to meet its measurement objectives. The versatility of this automated weather station is
evidenced in your ability to add, remove, or substitute sensors or other peripherals as your data measurement
and monitoring needs change.
Weather variables such as wind speed and direction, air temperature, humidity and rainfall may all be important
factors in determining the course of a wide range of events. For example, agriculture has always been heavily dependent on the weather and weather forecasts, both for its control on the quality and quantity of a harvest and
its effect on the farmer’s ability to work the land or to graze his stock. Water resources generally depend critically
not just upon rainfall, but also other weather phenomenon that together drive plant growth, photosynthesis and
evaporation. Just as pollen and seed dispersal in the atmosphere are driven almost entirely by the weather, so
too is the direction and distance of travel of atmospheric pollution.

Wide choice of sensors

Inbuilt memory

USB Communication

High accuracy


It is specially designed in such way that the ambient air gets sucked in using a pump and air is filtered out using a
glass fiber thimble to make sure that the air is filtered from the particulates, which could cause accuracy lag in the
sensor. And there is a rota meter provided to regulate the flow of air as desired. and the sensor suite is connected
through an individual cable (RS485), which is a water proof cable to avoid shorting.
• Field proven in severe weather conditions.
• Unattended weather recording at remote and exposed sites.
• Wide choice of sensors and accessories.
• Imported sensors with high accuracy.
• Large inbuilt memory for data logging.
• USB communication.
• GPRS enabled web telemetry for wireless data transmission to any server.
• IP 65 rated enclosure

Integrated sensor suite

The EE-WMS provides sophisticated monitoring and logging of essential weather conditions such as temperature,
relative humidity, barometric pressure, wind direction,
wind speed, barometric pressure, solar radiation, etc

Weather Monitoring Station

Easily customizable according to the needs Wireless or cabled versions are customizable by adding more sensors,
stations, and accessories to meet your needs.

About Control Unit & Data-logger

Right at the core of any Weather Station or Meteorological Monitoring System is the DL2.0-W (Wired) field data
logger. The DL2.0-W is easy to use, reliable and preferably suited for remote site applications. The Control unit is
comprised of the major system components such as mother-board, Battery, Circuitry, Sensor plugins, Power ON/
OFF, Display, Function keys, etc… It’s of robust construction to avoid damages and stands fist from dust and water.
It’s thoroughly made up of high class plastic a grade of IP 67 and other compliances.

Technical Specifications


*Note: Maximum displayable wind decreases as the length of cable increases. at 140’ (42 m) of cable, the
maximum wind speed displayed is 135 mph (60 m/s); at 240’ (73 m), the maximum wind speed displayed is 100 mph (34 m/s)

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