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Design and manufacture of monitoring stations

The design of the stations may be a tailored or a standard one, but it always meets the needs of each client so that they can comply with the requirements of air quality monitoring.
Each station has an instrumentation rack with gas analyzers, analyzers of PM10 and PM2,5 particles, and meteorological sensors (humidity, pressure, temperature, etc.).Designing and starting up an Emission Control System in stacks or in processes requires an exhaustive knowledge about the plant, the pollutants present in the gas flow and their effect on the elements of the monitoring system. Tasks that ENVIRA guarantees, thanks to a team of engineers and field technicians with extensive experience in monitoring gas emissions

Development of a complementary monitoring system

We develop complementary and tailored monitoring solutions, integrating environmental quality monitoring systems in stations completely designed by ENVIRA and carefully selecting the materials used.
Our software for data acquisition, management and analysis can be added to the scope of the project, thus creating a complete package which can be adapted to any activity environment.

Envirocare IOT