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Training programs


Gas measurement analysers.

Meteorological stations.

Parameters to be measured based on environmental requirements.

Maintenance and calibration protocols in accordance with the requirements of the reference standards.

Requirements of reference materials and traceability of the results.

Validation and interpretation of the results of measurements.

Automatic/manual particle collectors.

Research on the location of air quality measurement stations.

Applicable legislation.

Specific sampling campaigns (metals, dioxins, PAH´s, etc).

Validation and interpretation of the results of measurements.

Purpose of our programs

The main purpose of our programs is to provide the necessary training for the staff of air quality networks, so that they achieve the competence needed to fulfil their work correctly.

The mission of our training is to ensure that the concepts and elements used to measure air pollution are understood.

Our training enables compliance with the environmental requirements, reducing costs and avoiding a loss of quality in the data.

Envirocare IOT