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Our IoT solutions



The IoT solutions developed by ENVIOCARE allow cities, utilities and industrial complexes to monitor critical parameters and carry out intelligent data analysis to improve decision making.

Today, cities, public administrations and industrial facilities can benefit from the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, both to optimize existing processes and to develop new services or business models that promote economic development.

ENVIROCARE IoT has designed solutions based on sensor networks that guarantee maximum measurement accuracy. The intelligent data analysis and its integration with other applications offer a valuable tool for the optimization of processes and resources that contribute to sustainability.


Environmental Industry

Continuous monitoring of physical and chemical parameters in industrial facilities and their surroundings to detect and evaluate the levels of air quality and water in plants.

Public administrations

Comprehensive solutions for the monitoring, operation, and maintenance of air quality and water quality networks of public administrations, as well as complementary IoT platforms for the measurement of parameters.

Smart Cities

IoT solutions that measure air quality and provide valuable information for decision-making in the management of large cities, as well as the optimization of services and infrastructures.

Smart Farming

Air quality solutions and water resources solutions for agricultural and livestock production holdings in order to save costs, improve business processes and productivity.

Smart Buildings

Indoor air quality IoT solutions in order to improve the sustainability and regulation of ventilation and cooling systems in public and private buildings.

Industry 4.0

Monitoring of physical and chemical parameters in production processes aimed at optimization, improving quality and increasing productivity, generating added value and greater economic opportunities in industrial companies.

Envirocare IOT