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    • ENVIRA DS is a Scada system based on an architecture of components, designed so that each node in a monitoring network can be easily installed and maintained, from the equipment in the field (Edge) to the control center.

  • ENVIRA DS uses the experience acquired from more than 10 years of implementations in all kinds of industrial environments: harbors, cement plants, power generation plants, chemical industries, steel mills, etc., with more than a hundred references.



The ENVIRA DS system has been designed to ensure maximum performance, reliability, safety and strength in the acquisition, processing and exploitation of data from sensor networks.

With very reduced requirements, as regards memory and processor demand, SCADA ENVIRA DS is the ideal product for control and monitoring equipment in plants or in control rooms.


ENVIRA DS implements mechanisms to ensure its interoperability with any kind of IoT systems and platforms through standard protocols such as REST, MQTT or CoAP, as well as with industrial systems through Modbus, SPI, etc.


ENVIRA DS can read and monitor both real-time and historic data by means of web dashboards that can be easily tailored by the final user from an extensive catalogue of graphic widgets, including: tables, maps, graphics, wind roses, dials, etc.


The modules for data analytics in ENVIRA DS implement algorithmic packages for processing, validating and exploiting the raw data captured by sensorics, as well as its treatment, to generate useful information and help in decision making. These modules make it possible, among other functionalities, to make statistical calculations for immission/emission controls in accordance with the law, to identify anomalous situations and to handle the warnings automatically, sending messages or e-mails to the technicians, or even activating actuating elements in the automatic control system if necessary.


Tailored modular system.

Powerful system for generating graphics (synoptics, trends, etc.).

Communication with other systems.

All data are stored in the cloud and can be downloaded to local devices with data export tools.

Web service to access data from other user applications, such as mobile apps.

Management modules that can be installed in other network-connected machines.

Management of alerts via SGM, e-mail, etc.

Remote control of calibrations.

Administration of the control center, supplying a system in the cloud to be accessed both by the final client and by the people responsible for the exploitation of the network.

Access to the information through remote desktops or websites.

Hardware Requirements

It does not require special hardware. Any last-generation computer can support this software.

Software Requirements

Operating System Windows 7 or later.

Envirocare IOT