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Design and manufacture of CEMS

Our automatic monitoring systems enables the continuous monitoring of gas generated in any kind of industrial installations such as cement, chemical or electrical power plants, refineries, etc. They have state-of-the-art equipment and the highest reliability to meet the needs of each client and comply with the law.
Designing and starting up an Emission Control System in stacks or in processes requires an exhaustive knowledge about the plant, the pollutants present in the gas flow and their effect on the elements of the monitoring system. Tasks that ENVIRA guarantees, thanks to a team of engineers and field technicians with extensive experience in monitoring gas emissions

Tailored solutions

We design tailored CEMS solutions according the specifications of the client, from simple systems to sophisticated monitoring equipment. ENVIRA designs and manufactures gas monitoring systems for desulfurization plants, emitting sources in stacks, denitrification plants and processes in general.
We integrate the different elements in a CEMS according to the outline of each installation and its specific needs, thus guaranteeing the perfect working of the systems.

Maintenance and data management

ENVIRA performs periodical and exhaustive maintenance for each element in the system and offers the option of managing the data measured by the analyzer, verifying their accuracy and veracity by means of our own processing software in most of the cases.

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