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Meterological Ambient Air Quality Monitor

Air Quality Monitor


The EE-AQMS-01 is built at the component level to provide an organization with the instruments it needs to
meet its measurement objectives. It monitors inside and outside temperature, barometric pressure, wind direction, wind speed and Air Quality Monitoring such as So2, No2, Co2, Co, & Particulate Matter (Pm1, Pm2.5
& Pm10). The versatility of this automated AAQMS is evidenced in your ability to add, remove, or substitute
sensors or other peripherals as your data measurement and monitoring needs change.

Higher efficient Vacuum pump

External USB Drive

Internal-SD card

Solar Panel


It is specially designed in such way that the ambient air gets sucked in using a pump and air is filtered out using
a glass fiber thimble to make sure that the air is filtered from the particulates, which could cause accuracy lag in
the sensor. And there is a rota meter provided to regulate the flow of air as desired. And the sensor suite is connected through an individual cable (RS485), which is a water proof cable to avoid shorting.
• Thimble: Glass Fibre Thimble/PTFE Filter for the separation of particulates
• Pump: 0-9 lpm (Liter Per Minute) higher efficient vacuum pump
• Solar panel: Polycrystalline Photo voltaic PV Solar Panel 35 watt for 12V battery charging
• Data-Logging: Internal-SD card & External-USB drive

Technical Specifications

Envirocare IOT