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EMAC (NOx and CO Analyzers)

It is a portable station that incorporates immision analyzers that comply with current regulations. This type of portable station is widely used to carry out complementary immissions monitoring in industrial plants such as cement, electrical, chemical, refineries, paper mills, etc. However, it’s also used in cities for traffic

The main advantage is its portability since it can be easily moved to the point of interest where you want to take the measurement. The mobile unit is equipped with NOx and CO analyzers. This model is available for sale and in rental service. On request, its interior can also be tailored with analyzers that monitor other parameters.

Portable cabin (SO2, NOx, CO and O3 analyzers, among others)

ENVIRA IoT also designs and supplies portable cabins that can be easily moved without efforts, as they are provided with wheels. The indoor unit rack can be tailored, for example, with SO2, NOx, CO and O3 analyzers (for particles and other parameters, upon request).

This type of portable air quality cabins is commonly used in spaces such as museums and universities, as well as for small municipalities or small companies that need to know the air quality in their environment at a low cost.

Maintenance and calibration of CEMS

Our CEMS are optimized to provide high reliability with little maintenance. Maintenance operations take place in a programmed and predictive way to minimize incidents and corrective maintenance, thus achieving little data loss. The calibration routines guarantee the traceability, the control of precision and the drift of the CEMS.

Training programs for emission monitoring systems

We have several training programs about the design, manufacture and maintenance of continuous emission monitoring systems. These courses include, among other aspects:

– Design of shelters and instrumentation cabinets.
– Monitoring instrumentation used.
– Sampling and sample treatment systems.
– Most usual problems detected in the monitoring systems.
– Calibration and maintenance protocols.
– Applicable legislation for CEMS.

Maintenance and calibration

The regularity of maintenances and calibrations derive from the clients’ requests or by legal requirements. We have maintenance and calibration protocols for all the types of analyzers and meteorological sensors in our remote stations for monitoring air and water quality.

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