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Application of the Standard ISO 17025

The ENAC accreditations obtained by ENVIRA IoT ensure our specialized competence to perform audits in air quality monitoring stations and continuous emission monitoring in accordance with the ISO 17025 standard. This standard is accepted and used to assess laboratories all over the world.

An ISO 17025 standard audit is a decisive starting point for the review of compliance of air quality monitoring networks with legal requirements, as it certifies the quality of the data.


Suitability of the installations and operations to safeguard quality.

Assessment of the activities according to the applicable procedures, instructions or regulations.

Optimization of monitoring and testing processes.

Technical advice on uncertainty calculations.

Updating of the documentation required.

Advice on calibration frequencies and reference materials.


The traceability of data and the validity of results are guaranteed.

They contribute to the continuous improvement and monitoring of the processes.

They make it possible to know and assess the strengths of the quality system.

Staff trained in the performance of their tasks.

They provide confidence in the laboratory’s capacity to obtain reliable results and to provide a good service to its clients.

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