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Telemetric Digital


(Ground Water Level Recorder)


The GWR-101 provides sophisticated monitoring and logging of essential Ground Water Level conditions.
This instruction manual takes you step-by-step through the process of assembling, testing, and installing
your Ground Water Level Recorder so you can begin collecting data as soon as possible The purpose of this
manual is to provide basic operating knowledge of the components of the automated recorder (see Figure
1) used for periodic water level measurement. Much more than just a supplement to the broader water level
program, these automated recorders provide a means to India that cannot be discerned from annual level
readings. The design of document day-to-day changes and seasonal patterns in the aquifers of these units
also allows for remote satellite transmission of collected data, so that aside from installation and occasional
maintenance, no additional work is required to obtain these measurements. This manual will primarily discuss the 3 major technical components of the automated recorder— the sensors, loggers & transmitters—
for automated water level monitoring.

Compactly Designed

High Accuracy

Low Power Consumption

USB Communication


• Heavy industrial imported from USA sensor.
• Atmospheric Pressure sensing and logging.
• Under ground water temperature monitoring and logging.
• Continuous data logging system using USB.
• Short circuit protection on output.
• ± 0.25 % accuracy of the final output.
• 1.0 % total error band.
• Compactly designed integration for making more sophisticated handling.
• Working temperature – Console: -20 -70 º C ; sensor : -40 to 105 º C.
• Fully operational for 4 years on only battery that we provide within system, no additional power requirement


• Ground water level monitoring
• Industrial water level monitoring
• Agriculture bores wells
• CGWB compliance fulfillment

Technical Specifications



Temperature measurement range

Logging interval

Memory capacity

Data output format

Communication port

Operating temperature range

Power supply boxed version (BX)

Power supply (BH)



Modem (In telemetry option)

Modem (In telemetry option)

Antenna (In telemetry option)

Pressure sensor

18 bits. (Better than 1 mm for 70 m WC sensor)

-20º to +70°C with 0.1°C resolution

5 seconds to 168 hours

8 MB Flash RAM. Can store 3,145,728 data points

CSV text file. Can be easily imported in many third party applications like Microsoft® Excel

One RS-232 serial port. Interface cable for connecting to USB 2.0 port supplied as standard

-30º to 70ºC

2 x D size 3.6 V/19 Ah Lithium cells

2 x D size 1.5 V Alkaline high power cells

12 V SMF battery chargeable from solar panels or AC mains

2 x D size 3.6 V/19 Ah Lithium cells. Battery life > 5 years for 4 measurement/day and one transmission/day

Box version: Weather proof enclosure Cylindrical version: Corrosion resistant stainless steel, AISI grade 316L.

100 %

Quad Band GSM/GPRS/ EDGE, 850/800/1800/1900 MHz

Quad Band GSM/GPRS/ EDGE, 850/800/1800/1900 MHz

Built-in or separate mounted antenna available in boxed version

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