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Reports and requirements

Purpose of the assessment

Assessment of air quality

Location of sources (address and map reference(s))

Location of monitors (latitude and longitude of the data used)

Altitude over ground level of the sampling

Any variation regarding the test location or methods

Comparison of results with relevant legislation

Percentage of valid data obtained

Details of the tests and the analytical labs

Length of the monitoring

Environmental conditions during the monitoring, including temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction

Altitude over sea level for the site of the monitoring

Methods used

Factors that could have affected the results

Summary of QA/QC processes

Calculation of the uncertainty measure for the test results

Pollution assessment in measurement networks.

• Validation and verification of data.
• Supervision of QA/QC processes.
• Identification of sources.
• Comparison of results with relevant legislation.
• Design of action plans.
• Management of maintenance works.
• Monitoring of overflow episodes and activation of alert protocols.

Envirocare IOT