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Multidisciplinary approach

The staff at ENVIRA IoT is a multidisciplinary technical team where each day project managers, electronics technicians, engineers, chemists, programmers and environmental experts work together. Thanks to the multidisciplinary approach of our own business, we are comfortable with complex projects and can work closely and actively with our clients.

Complete life cycle

Among our extensive portfolio, we have monitoring systems for desulfurization plants, denitrification plants and CEMS for monitoring in stacks, as well as complete networks to monitor air quality.

We put our experience at our client’s disposal to make a product that fully satisfies their requirements.

Monitoring and control

ENVIRA IoT is an expert in the design and building of any type of monitoring and control systems in industrial environments, cities or farms, integrating sensors and actuators to automatize equipment, installations and processes of any kind.

Envirocare IOT