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Personal Sampler


Many industrial and construction sites have the potential to expose their staff to harmful dust or vapours
and gases. Inhalation is usually the most significant route of entry into the body and so monitoring the air
they breathe is vitally important. This monitoring is often referred to as person air sampling and the instrument used for this purpose are called as personal samplers.

Our Personal Sampler AI-110 samples the air inhaled by the worker during his/her working hour. It is designed in such a way that it will hang through the worker belt/cloth and its suction point is kept near the nose of a worker. As it is battery based so it will continuously work for 8 hours with a flow control option.
The Particulate sampling head with 25 mm diameter filter holder provided with the system would be useful for monitoring particulates like silica, cement, dust, metal fumes, asbestos, etc. in work area of cement
plants, foundries mines and also in indoor air quality monitoring etc.

Easy To Use


Long life Ni-Cd Battery



• Portable, the battery operated instrument with an easy user interface.
• Rechargeable, Maintenance Free and long life Ni-Cd Battery.
• Uses 25 mm Glass Fiber Filter paper.
• Rota meter for Flow control.
• Hanger for Belt hanging for personal sampling.
• RSPM Cut-Off cyclone at filter head is also available.
• Used in Shop Floor or Workplace Air Quality Monitoring.
• Can be carried on the person
• Easy to carry, easy to use, affordable model.


  1. For monitoring air quality on shop floor
  2. Workplace monitoring
  3. Fugitive gas monitoring
  4. Used in workplace of industries like Chemical, Paint, Cement, Fertilizers, Sugar etc
  5. Exposure studies of Personnel in hazardous areas
  6. Elderly care facilities
  7. Laboratories

Technical Specifications

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