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Online Continuous Emission Monitoring System


In recent years Online Emission Monitoring Technology has received attention and interest in context of providing
accurate and continuous information on particulate matter/ gaseous emission from stacks. There are already commercially available systems for monitoring parameters such as PM, HCL, SPM, SO2, CO, O2, CO2, NOx, SOX, etc. The Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEMS) System comprises of the total equipment necessary to determine the concentration of gaseous emission and/or particulate matter concentration and/or emission rate using analytical measurement.

Alarms For Low & High

Specific Sensors

Automatic Operation

Low Cost Of Maintenance


• Data Uploading Time 1 Min To 30 Min.
• Online Remote Calibration (Optional).
• Online Calibration Of Gases.
• Online System Failure Alarms (Optional).
• Build In Cloud Connector For Online Data Transfer.
• Sampling Time Variable From 1 Sec To 999 Sec.
• Data storage Time Up to 90 Days (Optional Up to 1 Year).
• Online Fault Diagnostic Feature.
• Password protection For Users And Pollution Board.

Technical Specifications

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