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Deseasonalization and temporary segmentation of history series

Analysis of typical days, day and night patterns of pollutants, seasonal evolution, etc.

Identification of pollution sources

Continuous monitoring, recounts and programming of warnings and excesses.

Display in one platform, by means of graphics and images, of the interrelation between pollutants and data from the weather, the traffic or other sources (airports or industries)


Analysis of the deseasonalized global trends of pollutants

Statistical summaries of the complete history series.

Analysis of pollution sources by combining other parameters (weather, process, actions, epidemiology, etc.)

Control of compliance with environmental control measures or industries and infrastructures control

Drawing up of regular and one-off reports and announcements for many receivers, thus acting before there is any demand for information.




Hardware requirements

It does not require any specific hardware. Due to the large amount of data that can be processed, it is advisable to use latest-generation servers with high data-storage capacity.

Software requirements

Apache Tomcat 7.0.84 or JBox 5 or 6. Java 7.0 or later

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