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Design and manufacture of shelters

One of the aspects in the design of monitoring stations is the shelter where the monitoring devices are placed. ENVIRA’s standard model has a free-standing metallic structure with lateral sandwich panels, thermally isolated, resistant to humidity and fire.


Turn-key installations

Our stations include all the elements necessary for their performance: the supply of the shelter and the analyzers, their integration in the station and the system for data collection, communication and transmission to the control center.


Inside and outside configuration of the shelter

Each station has gas analyzers, PM10 or PM 2.5 analyzers and meteorological sensors (humidity, temperature, etc.), totally configurable according to the requirements of each client.

Its exterior design can be adapted to the size and materials chosen by the client.

Configurable warning systems

These shelters are placed in areas with high pollution and they include a panel with information in real time about air or water quality.

If the clients requests this, a hierarchic warning system can be set up: depending on the level of pollution, a pre-warning is sent to the maintenance manager or, if limit levels are exceeded, it is sent to the head of the environment department in the installation.

Maintenance and calibration

The regularity of maintenances and calibrations derive from the clients’ requests or by legal requirements. We have maintenance and calibration protocols for all the types of analyzers and meteorological sensors in our remote stations for monitoring air and water quality.

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