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Maintenance of the sensor unit

Sensors are one of the most important parts of a meteorological system, because their function is the transmission of data from meteorological variables to the control board. ENVIRA IoT performs the revision of the following components:

• Verification of the orientation of direction sensors.
• Checking the analogical outlet.
• Checking the cleaning of the rain sensor.
• Checking the cleaning of the radiation sensor.
• Revision of ball-bearings in wind sensors.
• Cleaning of sensors.
• Revision of pressure sensor.
• Checking temperature and humidity.
• Calibration of sensors.

Maintenance of the power supply

The power supply is essential in any meteorological station. The regular revisions include checking for the absence of humidity nearby and the state of the batteries. If the system also has a solar panel as power supply, the following items must be checked:
• Orientation.
• Condition of the glass in the solar panel.
• Voltage.

The maintenance of the power supply of the sensors in a meteorological system is essential to avoid an interruption in the collection of data from the station.

Maintenance of the data collection system

In the preventive maintenance of meteorological systems, the state of the datalogger is also checked:
• Replacement of internal batteries.
• Correction and calibration of pressure and/or electricity measurements.
• Maintenance of the carcass.
• Verification of the functions of data communication and storage.

Corrective maintenance

ENVIROCARE IoT also repairs, assembles or substitutes those elements in the meteorological station that do not work correctly.

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