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RTU Unit


(Water Flow Meter)


RTU Unit Flow Meter is a fully integrated unit: data-logger, cell modem and battery all together, fit into an extremely compact and robust aluminum case. In contrast to standard logger solutions this RTU does not need a
separate enclosure, lots of wires to modem, battery and antenna, complicated setup to make the logger talk to
the modem, etc. This RTU is truly plug and play. Connect the sensors and your solar panel by simply screwing in
a connector, insert your SIM card.
Supporting many analog and digital sensors, lots of pulse counters and even TTL outputs, it can be expanded to
far beyond 100 I/O channels, making it a truly universal RTU for all kinds of environmental monitoring tasks. RT
Unit flow meter GSM/GPRS was developed to meet the most stringent requirements towards a universal telemetry station: high resolution, WMO compliance, synchronous and asynchronous monitoring, lots of memory, 60
I/O channels, and much more. It comes in a robust aluminum housing, with integrated battery and quad-band
Motorola GPRS modem. Power is supplied by a solar panel the size of a postcard

Modbus Available

Synchronous/asynchronous sampling method

Internal Battery


• Agriculture
• Leak detection
• Environmental monitoring of water and air quality
• Detecting pressure hammers in water distribution pipelines
• Level metering in ground and surface water bodies
• Monitoring equipment with high frequency.


• SDI-12 port Integrated
• Integrated wind gust monitor
• Rain intensity monitoring
• Modbus option Available.
• Analog resolution is 16-bit
• Max. number of SDI-12 sensors is 40
• Sensor excitation voltage is stabilized or battery voltage
• Sampling methods is synchronous or asynchronous.

Technical Specifications

Frequency ranges

Operating temperature


Analog inputs


Digital inputs

Connection types

Sensor excitation voltage

- UMTS: optional

GPRS connection settings


Connectors for sensors and power

Power Supply

850 & 1900 MHz

-20°C ... +65°C / -4°F ... 149°F extended temp. range from -30°C ... +75°C / -22°F ... 167°F upon request

Mast mounting bracket, integrated

12 x 0...1V/2.5VDC (3 channels on Port C can be programmed to a measuring range of 0...150mV DC low temp. drift with internal amplification)

small form factor

40 x SDI-12 Values

- GSM: CSD Circuit Switched Data - UMTS: optional - GPRS

Programmable: - Unregulated battery voltage from 5.5V ... 7.5V - Stabilized voltage, programmable from 3.3V ... 5.5V in 0,1V increments


Programmable: - permanent connection - scheduled connection, from 1 x per minute to 1 x per day

Omni directional, vertical, TNC jack, +2dBi

4 x M9 female 7-pin to sensor 1 x M9 female 5-pin to power IP-67 protection class Sockets: brass, nickel plated, with gold plated socket contacts Protective cap

Internal 6.2V battery, charged by solar panel or mains power supply

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