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Preventive maintenance operations

We perform operations of preventive maintenance, verifying how the devices work in a monitoring system to avoid failures and deviations that can affect the collection of data and their quality. These operations are: checking, adjustment and calibration of the analytical instruments, including auxiliary equipment and infrastructure; replacement of perishable elements, air-conditioning systems, pneumatic and electrical conductions; and, summing up, all the aspects intervening in ensuring the correct performance of the Network.


Scheduled maintenance operations

These maintenance operations take place even when there are no failures, and their purpose is reestablishing nominal operative conditions, according to the specifications of the manufacturer.


Corrective maintenance operations

The corrective maintenance operations take place when an anomaly is detected, and their purpose is solving the anomaly through the repair or replacement of the damaged systems and seeing that they are working in perfect conditions as soon as possible. All ENVIRA’s actuation protocols comply with the requirements established in our ISO 9001:2015 for ensuring quality.

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