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CO Analyzer (NDIR)



It independently developed by Engineering & Environmental Solutions, based on years of experience in research and
development, for domestic and overseas environmental and industrial control site monitoring online analysis.
Based on micro-flow NDIR technology to measure the CO with high accuracy and reliability, fast response time, wide self-developed and industrial measurement range and application fields. 

It can be widely used in environmental online monitoring, industrial process control, safety monitoring, integrate into CEMS,etc

High Accuracy

LCD Display


• With LCD display to indicate all data index and tactile keypad easy for operation.
• Integrated RS232/RS485 digital output and 4-20mA analog output, easy to be acquired by project center controlling system and satisfy the continuous monitoring demand.
• Equipped with sample gas flow meter and needle valve to regulate the inlet gas flow and internal gas
filter to protect the gas sensor from impurities.
• With constant temperature enclosure for NDIR sensors to avoid influence by temperature fluctuation
and improve the measurement accuracy.
• Auto-zeroing function with built-in auto-zero pump, efficiently decrease the calibration frequency.

Wide Applications

  1. Online air monitoring
  2. Industrial production process monitoring
  3. Industrial combustion efficiency monitoring
  4. Desulfurization process monitoring
  5. Denitration process monitoring
  6. Industrial furnaces
  7. Cement plant
  8. Industrial Coal-fired boiler
  9. Incinerators
  10. CEMS integrator

Technical Specifications

Envirocare IOT