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Maintenance of large emission sources

ENVIROCARE has extensive experience in this kind of maintenance and we have developed a software tool to monitor and store information at Quality Assurance Level 3. This software has been installed in many centers and emission systems where the standard UNE 14181 is applicable. The reliability of QAL3 must match the maintenance interval and the acceptance criteria for SAM calibration.


Regular verifications of zero and range in the SAM

A SAM can change or become less accurate after some time. The purpose of the verifications is to maintain and test the quality of the SAM so that it complies with the repeatability requirement of zero and range and the drift values during operation and the SAM is in the same operational condition as when it was installed. This will be achieved by checking that the drift and the accuracy established during the QAL1 are still under control. The procedures for assessing the SAM determine whether it is still apt to perform measurements.


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