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VOC Monitor



Our VOC Monitors are highly sophisticated monitoring & logging of intrinsic Indoor Air Conditions like temperature, Humidity, VOC and other optional parameters according to your requirements. This device can be mainly used for indoor air quality monitoring in Air cleaners
and purifiers, Smart thermostats, Home controllers, Smart accessories and IOT devices. For
any sort of customized application, E&E Solutions can give assistance to select the best blend
of sensors, data logger and accessories accordingly. Our Device comes with multiple sensors
including VOC, Temperature and Humidity sensors necessary to monitor the Indoor Air Quality.

Low Maintenance

Easy To Install

High Accuracy

1 Year Warranty


• Integrated MCU
• On-board processing
• Optimized low-power modes
• 2.7mm x 4.0mm x 1.1mm LGA package
• Low component count
• Designed for high volume and reliability
• (>5years lifetime)
• -Fully calibrated, linearized, and temperature
• Compensated digital output
• Wide supply voltage range, from 2.4 V to 5.5 v
• I2C Interface with communication speeds up to 1
• MHz and two user selectable addresses
• -Very fast start-up and measurement time
• -Tiny 8-Pin DFN package



• Air cleaners and purifiers
• Smart thermostats
• Home controllers


• National air monitoring networks
• Roadside air monitoring
• Industrial perimeter monitoring



• Simplifies the hardware and software
• Extend battery life in portable applications
• Suitable for small form-factor designs
• Saves up to 60% in PCB footprint

Temp and Humidity

• High reliability and long-term stability
• Designed for mass production
• High process capability
• High signal-to-noise ratio

Technical Specifications

Envirocare IOT