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Open Channel Flow Meter


Ultrasonic Flow meter


Ultrasonic Flow meter is portable in design and provides highly accurate measurement of flow
and heat quantity in liquid-carrying pipes. Our ultrasonic meter is simple to install, non-intrusive
and maintenance free.. It measure the time of reflected back after sound wave contact to channel
water , then according to the formula figure out channel flow, it can provide flow output, display
flow velocity and total flow. This Transmitters are aggressively priced in the range as they are
having pricing as low as of the mechanical type. While they can provide better resolution then
the mechanical type. It is ideal for applications in Power Stations, Building Services, water/waste
water management, chemicals/petrochemicals and food and beverage industries.

High Accuracy

Excellent Performance

Data Logging

Quality Tested


• Data logging for long period
• High accuracy, high stability
• Sampler trigging output
• Water resistant enclosure
• Exclusive sensor for Open Channel flow
• Easy-to-use interface with user selectable flow tables
• Relay outputs for alarms, sampling, or data logging
• Out Signal For output and recorders or display
• Operate with clamp on , insertion and flow cell transducer

Technical Specifications

Maximum Measurement Range

Provides a resolution Typical accuracy

Wetted Material


Dielectric strength



Data Output


up to 10 meters

up to Imm up to 1%

17-4PH or 316L Stainless Steel Port, 316L Stainless Steel Snubber

±20g, MIL-STD-810C

2mA @500VAC, 1min

16×2 LCD display


Microsoft Excel format

Real-time internal clock

Envirocare IOT