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Turnkey service

ENVIRA’s development engineers have extensive experience in the field of the device connectivity and since 1996 they have created connected devices and managed their interaction and the processing of the data received and emitted. Collaborative projects range from the initial design of the solution, the search and integration of the best available sensors and the implementation of the data management platform.The IoT devices developed are completely new, integrating sensors, actuators and communications protocols to create innovative products in the market, specifically designed to adapt to the needs of customers.

Custom electronics

As a result of the intense R&D activity, ENVIRA has developed its own toolset to expedite the design of electronic components of any kind. The main design specification to be considered when designing these components has been the versatility of these components, so that development engineers can adapt the performance of the equipment to the requirements of the users.

All systems employ strong industrial quality components that make them suitable even under the most adverse environmental conditions.

Connectivity for sensors and actuators

The IoT devices designed by the ENVIRA technical team allow the integration of all types of sensors and actuators, both analog and digital, either directly (4-20mA, I2C, SPI, 0-5V, 0-2.5V, RS232, RS485) or through protocols and field buses, both industrial and home automation (Modbus 485, Modbus 232, Profibus, Canbus, Lonworks, KNX, etc.), facilitating their integration into installations of any type.

These devices are equipped with wireless connectivity systems (3G, LoRa, ZigBee, 6lowpan, etc.) that allow them to be integrated into IoT networks using the usual M2M protocols (REST, MQTT, CoAP, etc.).

Calibration and tests

Each of the electronic components used in our projects is selected by hand, one by one, and tested in ENVIRA’s calibration and measurement laboratory. Each component, especially when it comes to sensors, is manually calibrated in the atmospheric chamber, thus ensuring the accuracy, reliability and stability of all data acquired, stored and transmitted under any atmospheric condition, thus creating devices whose managed information is always stable, regardless of conditions and factors such as humidity, temperature and external pressure.

Firmware development

ENVIRA considers the software embedded in custom-developed devices for customers as another element of the system. Software and hardware are designed and built simultaneously, supporting each other, seeking the optimization of the final device.In this way, IoT devices are built with minimal consumption, facilitating full autonomy through solar panel power systems, or minimizing communications by enabling the use of low-capacity radio frequency protocols or reducing the cost of 3G communications.

Platform Integration

All devices designed by ENVIRA implement connectivity solutions with IoT platforms natively, avoiding the need to deploy gateways, bridges or intermediary software components (brokers). This solution means we can deploy stronger IoT architectures (requiring fewer intermediate components prone to errors), that are efficient and safe (since they implement the security directives specified by the client in a completely native way) and with less latency in the transmission and processing of information.

The systems are neutral in terms of data management platforms and can work with both the Envira DS system and third-party systems or commercial cloud platforms.

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