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ENVIROCARE IoT develops tailored solutions for air control networks that monitor the concentration of parameters in areas far from urban and industrial environments and far from important communication routes.


Components of background air quality networks

The solution for background air quality control and monitoring networks consists of:

1. A set of stations installed in rural areas away from any source of anthropogenic pollution.
2. Data acquisition and communication systems.
3. Control center: Envira DS software.
4. Alarm systems.
5. Smart data validation.

Continuous monitoring of background pollution

For the measurement of background pollution, ENVIROCARE provides stations with equipment for the analysis of gases, particles and other elements. The most common measurement parameters in the background air quality monitoring stations are: SO2, NO2 / NO / NOX, CO, O3, PM10, PM2.5.

Other less common parameters are also measured, such as metals, or physical and chemical parameters of rainwater.

The monitoring equipment used is specially designed for the low concentrations expected in this type of area.

The measurements obtained allow the evaluation of the levels of background pollution in a region and evaluate the transport of pollutants from the emission sources located at great distances. Each station must be representative of a wide area around it, so all kinds of alterations that may influence the measurement data issued must also be avoided.

Data acquisition and communication systems

The data is recorded and stored in advanced computer systems for data acquisition to be sent in real time to the ENVIROCARE DS control center. All this through secure transmissions to ensure the integrity of the data and prevent possible manipulations. The most commonly used types of communication in background air quality networks are:

Control center: ENVIRA DS

The Envirocare DS platform receives, organizes and exploits data in an easy way and informs about the evolution of the levels.


It is the heart of any network for monitoring background air quality. The tasks performed are:

Control and continuous evaluation of air quality.

Information to citizens about episodic situations.

Support for the study of air quality.

Long-term spatio-temporal evolution of air pollution.

Generation of reports, alerts and alarms.

Validation and exploitation of the data.

The control center, adapted to current legislation, incorporates the regulations into a Data Regeneration Module that includes all European legislation and is specific to each of the parameters.

With the information obtained through Envira DS you can:

Have a piece of deep knowledge of the structure and chemical composition of the atmosphere on the site.

Provide information about cross-border or long-distance pollution.

Provide information about background air pollution, which is present in areas not directly affected by the emission sources and represent a large territory.

Determine the status of air quality and the degree of compliance with the levels established in the legislation.

Study the evolution of parameters over time.

Provide data for Air Quality Improvement Plans.

Reliability, stability and accuracy in monitoring

The calibration of the equipment in background air quality networks is conducted at ENVIROCARE IoT laboratory with internationally acknowledged standards.

Both the calibration and test process of the equipment at the laboratory and the corrections applied are conducted with the purpose of offering maximum reliability and stability in the results. The equipment is subjected to tests so that the final result is the most accurate and reliable, a guarantee of accurate and mistake-free monitoring.

Warning systems

ENVIRA DS has a powerful system for managing episodic situations in case of overcoming levels marked by legislation.These systems are customized to the specific requirements of each client, both in terms of calculation methods and information sent to interested parties.

The system allows sending personalized messages to users based on various parameters such as pollutant, affected area, etc.

Smart data validation

ENVIROCARE has developed an Artificial Intelligence tool for the early detection of anomalies in the operation of instruments for monitoring background air quality networks.

This system is based on the latest developments on machine learning and the knowledge of our specialists.

The system has algorithms, particularized for each type of sensor, that analyze the input data and reports the operator of possible anomalies to avoid improper use of them in case of suspicion of being incorrect.


High-reliable and available data in real time.

Solution customized and integrable with external developments at any level (device, connectivity, cloud or user application).

Tailored system.

Total adaptation and integration with the systems of public administrations.

Creation of data history for public administrations.

An unlimited number of devices can be included in future extensions.

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