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The composition of the flood warning system

Industry 4.0 involves the transition from a model of automatic factories towards a model where the protagonists are the smart machines and systems that can work autonomously and collaboratively.

The industrial solution offered by ENVIROCARE IoT is integral:

1. Wireless sensor network.

2. Communications.

3. Display in web platform


ENVIROCARE IoT has developed a system that displays integral sensoring, even with older machines, to capture and transmit the data related to their operations and maintenance status in real time.

Real-time monitoring

Some examples of magnitudes captured in industrial machines are:


Oil temperature and viscosity.

Motor temperature.


Vibrations of components or structures.

Concentrations of certain process gases.

Presence sensors.

Level of liquids.

Levels of noise.

The devices designed have IP67 protection for aggressive surroundings and can be installed anywhere in the plant, close to the machine to be monitored or even inside it.


Besides, they are equipped with different settings to transmit data, using both data networks (WiFi, 3G, LPWAN, etc.) and industrial buses (Modbus, Profibus, CANbus, etc.).

Control systems

The control systems operate inside the factory and handle all the automatic processes, both those related to the production itself and other auxiliary ones such as security, maintenance or logistics.

The main components in these kinds of systems are the PLC (Programmable/Logical Controller): microcontrollers that can receive analogical and digital signals and generate a real-time response in response to them.

ENVIROCARE IoT has developed a group of Drivers for the interoperability of PLCs through standard industrial protocols such an as SPI, MODBUS, CANbus or Profibus; thereby integrating the systems in the plant with any kind of IoT industrial networks and platforms.

Communication modules

The flexibility of the firmware displayed at Nanoenvi® stations can integrate the equipment directly with any kind of IoT platform or control center, both cloud-based and on-premise, by means of communication protocols (message format, communication and transport protocols, M2M networks) completely adapted to each case. Communication with the optional communication modules at ENVIROCARE IoT are wireless, with technologies such as 3g, LTE, LORA®, with Narrow-Band available soon.

Data display and analysis

All the data are transmitted to the Envira DS platform, which enables its integration with SCADA systems (industrial systems for the acquisition and display of data generated by the automatic control system in the plant) with industrial IoT platforms or with any kind of application or system for data processing, analysis and exploitation.

This platform accesses the information handled by SCADA systems through standard protocols (OPC, Modbus, etc.), and it provides new data from various external processes and applications, generating useful information to help in decision-making at the plant and strategic levels.

This allows:

  • 1.Better control of the equipment.
  • 2.Optimization of time when handling possible incidents.
  • 3.Setting up warnings for problems or anomalous situations.
  • 4.Reduction in the time for assistance.
  • 5.Increase in the availability of the installation.

Management of warnings

For the corrective industrial maintenance is essential to solving incidents as soon as possible. Our system of configurable warnings gives the operators real-time information about possible deviations requiring immediate action, even before the failure has happened.

Acquisition and communication electronics continuously control environmental variables and sends data to the control center at planned intervals.

Besides, if a certain level is surpassed, it generates data communications by SMS or e-mails to the authorized users.


Open solution, integrable with external developments at any level (device, connectivity, CLOUD or user application).

An unlimited number of devices can be included in future extensions.

High-reliable and available data in real time.

Tailored system.

Creation of data history.

Our products for Flood Alert Systems


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